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The Seduction of the Scientist

One of the most disheartening features of the current debate on national security has been the perversion of the scientific mode of reasoning until instances of it appear as ghastly caricatures of human thought.

Can Humanity Eliminate War?

The goal must be a common one — the dismantling of the global war machine. This means that the legitimacy of the institutions that support the machine must be denied.

My Commitment to Peace

"I have children, and I do not want them to writhe in agony or to turn into automata or to repeat the atrocious lies amid which they live. Therefore, I am engaged in a struggle, which I often feel to be a hopeless one, but which I have no choice but to wage."

The Abolition of War

War is not in the human heart. War resides in the institutions spawned by war, which, in turn, spawn wars.

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