The Abolition of War

War and the human heart

In Rapoport's view, the familiar justifications of war, such as defence, acquisition, or the spread of religion or ideology, are not meaningful today. This theme is developed in Whose Security Does "Defence" Defend?.

War is/is not in the human heart

How do we know that war is not in the human heart? Throughout human history there has been war, so the empirical evidence would indicate that human beings are not against war, in principle. It is a fundamental error of the peace movement to believe that the cause of war is in institutions and, if we only abolish those institutions, then there will be no more war. People go to war to protect and defend themselves and their families. Or, they may go to war in order to gain power and riches. Or they may go to war to spread their religion because they are convinced that their God commands them to do it. Islam is the prime example of this reason for war. Looking for "institutions" as the cause of war is barking up the wrong tree.

Why War not Peace!!!

Why are we into war it very much better to live with peaceful life than to have war for power. Why can't we just unite each other's beliefs and find best solution in every problem we have by helping each other.It is very possible for us to live in a peaceful community than to have war where people died, places are destroyed and even children suffers.